With the broad reaching effect of the pandemic on all sectors, Non-profit organizations have been hampered in their ability to fundraise, resulting in a decreased ability to keep up with required expenses coupled with the growing demand for services during the crisis. These organizations and human service agencies need assistance themselves.

The non-profit relief grant program provides capital to agencies to cover expenses related to the crisis. Grant assistance provides a mechanism for non-profit organizations and agencies to apply through this county portal to offset expenses incurred during the mandated State “Stay At Home” order exacerbating the ability to effectively fundraise.

"Non-profit organizations benefit everyone – from the local church you attend or the club where you give your time and talents – they are a vital part of our Mifflin County community. Non-profits are where we come together to solve our problems. Now it is our turn to give back and help them solve some problems."Allison Fisher, Mifflin Juniata Human Services Director